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Finally, a comfortable Tacoma!

After owning four other Tacomas over the years, I recently purchased a nice first Gen Tacoma 4x4. It has the factory buckets and given my previous experience, I was looking to improve the comfort in terms of driving position. The change with installing the Front Seat Jackers is nothing short of amazing !! I’d highly recommend this product to any Tacoma owner.

Much better seating angle than stock

Works great on the bench seat of my Tundra. Well made components. Long road trip test was a success for my lower back where before an hour started to cause pain. Highly recommended.

Seat jackers

Been close to a month and still have not arrived. Will not be buying anything from this website again

Hello Gage,

Sorry to hear about the shipping delay. This is not common but occasionally packages do get lost or misplaced. We are reaching out to you separately to get you sorted. We stand behind our products and will always take care of our customers. We will either send you a replacement or refund your order. Please email or call if you have any questions. Info@DesertDoesIt.com 702-381-1804

Have not received my package yet

Hello Randy,

Thank you for your order. Sorry to hear that you haven't received your package. Canadian orders can take up to 20 days to arrive, this is listed on our site. You ordered 2 weeks ago and it looks like your package will be delivered this week. Again, I apologize for the extra time its taking. Feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

Thanks again,

Tundra seat jackers (2014-2021)!

Seat jackers made all the difference in the way my seat feels! Two things im not that impressed with is the cost per set and look once installed. They are high quality but they dont follow the contour of the front seat bump once installed like the tacoma models..But overall great product to overcome that flat seat feeling in the Tundras...

Works great. Passenger side limit to half inch on JT Mojave.

Instructions are clear. Getting the jig tight on passenger side seat was a bear. Due to floorboard obstruction on passenger side on my Mojave, I could only go down a half inch after a minor mod (cut off protruding bolt), but that's all I needed. I tried 1.5 inches down (no spacers) on the driver side but found I liked it better with half inch spacers in. If you're not mechanically inclined, get someone to help you. This is a godsend for me at 6' 5". I'm much more comfortable and my head no longer touches the roll bar.


Works real well..even comes with the brackets for seat!


Well worth the purchase, major difference with Tacoma seat high. Now need to order my passenger side set. Thank again

satisfied customer

The seat jackers were easy to install. They seem to be working as intended making the seats more comfortable for legs and back. It does put the driver's seat higher making your legs closer to the steering wheel, which is not a problem for us. We would recommend this product.

Big difference for a small price

I teetered on this product, once decided, it was one of the best small purchases for the Tacoma yet, definitely makes a difference on long drives. Great product.

Easy install and nice upgrade to comfort

While searching for available drop-in seat upgrades for my 1st gen Tacoma I stumbled upon these spacers. Stock seats are flat and uncomfortable for long drives. Figured I’d give these a try. At 5’11”, I’m not real tall, but can never get the seat to a comfortable position. The slight tilt gives better support on my thighs and takes load off my lower back. Would recommend for those looking for a little more comfort to a sub par stock seat.
Side note- there are two different thread pitches on supplied bolts. One for the stock mounts and a set for the spacers. You don’t have to retap anything, just use the correct bolts ;)

Pretty good

So the product is great for what it is, hence the 5 stars. Seems extremely well made, has instructions, etc. But honestly didn't improve seat comfort by that much, for me. I still am glad I have it, but a bit underwhelmed is all.

Close but not perfect

The craftsmanship, directions and hardware are all top notch. The only issue I have is the overall height of the jackers. I’d love to see Desert Does It offer two different height jackers. The original (which would be the high lift) and a medium lift. The low ceiling in a Tacoma coupled with the height of the original jacker just don’t match up well. Additionally the leg angle of the original jacker causes increased lower back pain if I leave my seat in the same position. Now I have to lean it my seat back to compensate and it’s not the ideal driving position.

Expensive fix, mostly happy

I am 6ft flat. This alleviate’s pain on the heels and hamstrings but only if I position the seat exactly so. It’s not a complete fix for me at least if you like to sit closer or further from the steering wheel or peddles. It’s built well but maybe over engineered for something so simple? It was popular among the community so that’s why I bought it.

Did the trick

I found these online and decided to get the taller of the two versions made. I am 6’2” tall and drive a manual transmission wrangler. I would recommend anyone shorter than 6 foot to get the shorter versions. I had to put my seat all the way down to reach my peddles. They make quite a difference. Very happy with my purchase.

So much more comfortable now!!

We ordered the 1.25 fixed seat jackers, and couldn’t be more pleased. So much more comfortable and better on our backs!! Took a little getting used to for the driver, but didn’t take long. We are very happy with them!!

Great addition

Wish I had known about these earlier! Great add on!

Great Idea

I've installed the fire extinguisher mount and it's everything I expected. I decided to try the mount out after watching a review from Revere Overland. The mount doesn't rattle and has a quick access pull pin to grab the fire extinguisher in case of emergency. The 3" diameter fire extinguisher is not in the way getting in and out of the truck. The Seat Jackers actually make the ride a little more comfortable and your still able to adjust your seat as far forward or backward as needed. Excellent idea and product.

So glad

I am so glad that I installed the seat jacker on my 2003 Tundra. The driving position I find to be much better. Sitting that little bit higher I find more comfortable.


Install took a about 15 minutes definitely night and day difference more comfortable seating position i 100% recommend!

Front seat Jackers

Right now, they work as advertised and everything is working good. The only issue that I have, I wish they would’ve came with four black screws to fill the four holes in the front, where you have room for the brackets!

Easy Clean Install

I’ve been looking for a way to mount my ARB Dual Compressor without permanently modifying my truck, and this fits the bill. Easy slide-in install, and still able to hide away behind the jack cover. Plenty of room for the compressor to breathe. Highly recommend!

Seat jackers and slammers

Major improvement in the gladiator. Better leg room, head doesn't hit the sport bar, front of seat supports your legs, better feel on the gas and brake and feel like I'm in the seat now not on it. 100% recommend this product.

Just what I needed

Like most Taco owners, I found the seats too low in the front and not vary comfortable after a few hours on the road. These Jackers are just the ticket, much better than before.