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Rear seat Jackets

Im glad i purchased the seat jackers. Makes my seating more comfortable. Its a must for Tacoma owners.

Front optional mount

Mount install was really easy works good for multiple things example holster flashlight ect

Great product

These made a world of difference. Makes the ride a lot more comfortable

Seat jackers + MMP

A week after I bought my Tacoma I thought I may have made a $40k mistake because of how uncomfortable the seats were after anything more than a 20 min drive (test drives, coincidentally, usually take less time). Lower back pain, leg numbness, you name it. It was bad. I researched the issue and found seat jackers. They are a must have. Period. They should be a factory option. Or standard equipment. The truck is not only a thousand times more comfortable, but I can drive for hours without pain, soreness, or fatigue. This product is a home run. I got the MMP because i know I will find a use for it… and it’s certainly a high quality piece. But enough of that… if you find the Tacoma at all uncomfortable (like everybody apparently) then buy these.

GX 470 seat jacker

this was the first modification I did when I got my GX so far it’s the bass modification because as we all know the seat stand up push you out not only does this raise the seat which gives me a better field of view it makes it 10 times more comfortable it also gave me more headroom believe it or not and I’m 6‘3“ I thought maybe I could make some myself and save some money, It didn’t work out I’m now on my second GX and I would not sit in one without it


Shane Frechette
Awesome swag!

Great quality patch and stickers, just like all DDI’s excellent products!

Should have done this 40,000 miles ago!

One of the easiest modifications made to my 2019 Tundra! The seats have always felt a bit flat and caused a tiny bit of fatigue after 100+ miles of non stop driving. Installed the Seat Jackers on both sides, what a difference! Drove 200+ miles yesterday, zero fatigue, the view of the road was superior as the driver, as the passenger it was a nice relaxed seating position, I even managed to fall asleep for a bit.
I will be placing an order for our incoming 2022 4Runner once we get shipping confirmation, not sure it will make it off the dealers lot before these are installed!
Well made product, super customer service for the question we had.
Thank you for the great innovative product.

Orange 🍊

The orange seat jackets were a great find. Better driving position with a splash of color.

Worth the Money

So I was really skeptical about what these could actually do since I didn’t have a huge problem with the seats. After talking with friends who’s opinions I trust and had the seat jackers, I went ahead and bought a set. Right away you notice the difference in comfort, they’re great.

Install? Took me longer to get the tools together. I got the MMP and I like the way it looks with it more than without. And it’s useful, strapped a flashlight and a multi tool on.

Front seats

I got the front seat jackers for both the driver and passenger seats, can't be happier with them. They make a huge difference in how the seat feels. Wish I would have purchased sooner.

Works for me

Easy to install. I am going on a week long trip and that will be the test. So far the seating position is much more comfortable

Well thought out mount for a clean setup

I’m very pleased with the well thought out under-seat mount. Perfect for a clean onboard ARB air compressor under the driver side seat (with proper rear seat lift). Installing, for the lack of better terms was “stupid” easy and straightforward. The well thought out designed enables floor vents for AC to properly function without blockage, zip-tie wires to molle for clean wire routing/management, and even a little space for extra mounting options for accessories. Can’t go wrong with this mount if your looking to install Accessories such as an air compressor, amps, lockboxs, radio equipment, etc.

Great communication

I recommend this product, I've only been using for a couple weeks and have not had a long term trip yet but overall I do feel more comfortable driving around locally. I had a question during installation and the company was very helpful and prompt with their communications.


really happy with order

Worked as advertised but way overpriced

Well designed and engineered and works as advertised. Provided much needed thigh support in my FJ. WAY overpriced though. Would probably not spend a hundred bucks for those again. Look around.

Needed these to raise my scheel-Mann USA Vario f seat in my 4runner. Worked great, super easy install!

Solved the problem- but you’ll pay for it!

Purchased and installed the front and rear seat jackers for my FJ Cruiser. While they did provide the much needed thigh support I was looking for, I do not think I’d buy them again. I paid $150 for approximately $20 of hardware. The rear jackers in particular are nothing more than spacers I could have purchased locally or made myself. The fronts were custom formed and substantially more robust, but still way overpriced for what they were. Overall, I’m glad they worked, but I wish I would have done more research and bought elsewhere or spent some time and just fabricated some myself. Live and learn I guess…

Game changer

These are the the best comfort upgrade done to my 2021 JT. The front seats are now more supportive with an increased level of comfort.

Seating comfort much improved

I like the new seat position much better


quick and easy to install

Tacoma Seat Jackers

The Seat Jacker quality is first rate. Easy installation. I’ll need to fine tune the seating position with spacers at the rear of the seat. Definite improvement over stock.

Nice Lift!

The Front Seat Jackers have given my seat a much more comfortable position. I have longer legs and it helps give me support under my thigh making the seat much more comfortable. Thanks.

Feels almost like a new seat

My vehicle is a 2011 FJ I own for 10 now. The front seat feels totally different, with the Seat Jackers, I had to reposition the seat closer to the steering wheel and move the steering wheel up a bit for my knees clear it, and I'm a six footer. Saw them on "Chloe Kue", YouTube channel and thought I give them a try glad I did. Totally enjoying the ride. I would recommend the Seat Jackers