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Over 5’ 7”? Buy this right now!

I have an 02 4runner and let me tell you, after 2 hours in her your legs start to hurt! This easy little kit fixed the problem completely. Word of advice, the short screws have different threads than the long ones, DONT FORCE THEM. Make sure the threads are properly aligned before you start putting strength into it. Also, the rear 2 bolts MUST be loosened first. But let me be clear, this is a fantastic upgrade that will give you a totally different driving experience. Thanks guys!

Didn't make much of a difference

The jackers did provide additional leg room, but had no impact on the uncomfortable 4Runner seats or how much it fatigues the lower back.

Driving my RUBICON is now a dream!

Ton of difference in the comfort zone. I don’t have to pull myself up in the seat anymore and couldn’t have been easier to install.

Ordered to improve thigh support

The seat jackers installed in our 2018 Subaru Crosstrek improved my comfort on longer trips. Very satisfied.

Amazing product

I run these on both my Tacoma and GX470.

Rear Seat Jackers 2022 Tacoma TRD Off-Road

The jackers were very easy to install. Love the extra lift. Not only does my seating posture feel better, I feel I have better visibility.

Skeptical at first but it does work

I decided to try the seat jackers due to my 2019 Tacoma lacking seat adjustment settings and having constant lower back pain. The simple 10 minute install was super easy and I can say my lower back pain has decreased which is a relief. Their Multi Mount Panel (MMP) is great for mounting accessories and having easy access when needed. Definitely recommend the Seat Jackers to everyone.

One of the best and handy bolt on mods

Extremely easy to install and give you a good spot to mount whatever it is your looking to add to your Rig. Get one while you can !

Sequoia seat comfort turned up

After driving from San Francisco to Dallas a few times I can say the seats could be a bit more comfortable by putting less pressure on my lower back and my feet. After I've installed the seat jackers you feel immediately the relief in your lower back and your legs. Super appreciate it DDI for the superior product now I need to do that on the passenger side.

Front and rear seat jackers

I bought these seat jackets because my right leg would cramp up on long rides in my Tacoma. After installing them I drove 5 hours on our annual turkey hunting trip. I have to tell you that I didn’t even think about my leg the whole trip. It really solved the problem I was having with my leg on long trips. Super great product, super easy to install, money well spent.


I was pretty skeptical if just tilting my Tunda's seat back 1' would actually make a noticeable different, but it did. I have a Tundra with the fully adjustable driver seat, and never really felt like the seat was comfortable. After 3+ hr long road trips my legs would always hurt. After installing these, that issue is gone! I feel like you actually sit 'in' the seat vs 'on' the seat. If your on the fence about these, just buy them. You won't regret it.

Works well

Works well ... now design mounts for running it on the front to rear seat mounts so it's also accessible on the side of the seat as you open the door

Highly recommend

Felt an immediate improvement in comfort on my 2021 Jeep Gladiator. This paired with the QUADRATECH Dead Pedal has increased my comfort level measurably - especially on my frequent long freeway drives.
The price is so reasonable for what you get and the experience dealing with Desert Does it has been quite pleasant. (The Lemonhead candy was a nice touch!) thanks!

2021 Gladiator Rubicon

After using the fixed front seat jackers, long trips don’t wear my back and legs out. The seats ride 10 times better than stock


Really truly changed the comfort in my truck. Recommended to a friend and he purchased some too

Should have been first mod

Definitely should have been the first thing installed this when I bought my GX 2 years ago. Extremely well made. Bolt holes lined up perfectly. High recommend.

Love them.

Easy to install. Puts you back in your seat. Kinda like a Lazy boy. Very comfortable now.

Perfect set up

Clockable universal extension works great for the Kydex holster I have for my handgun. Now I can just leave it in the truck all the time.

3" Dia selection was a bit too small and I had to use only half of the rubber pads

Was a bit too small. I could only use pads on one side of clamps, and my Fire Extinguisher was exactly 3" in diameter, even though I ordered the one for 3" diameter.

2017 tacoma trd offroad

Awesome multi mount panel that complements the under the seat compressor mount...driver side i have a fire extinguisher mounted and passenger side i will probably mount a flashlight....great product and very sturdy!

They are great!!!

I am over 6' tall and tried these out. So glad i did. They seem to make you sit a smidge higher so if you can not efford that, may want to look at the seat Slammer kit. The fixed Seat Jacker works great and made my Jeep way more comfy. Especially on longer drives. Best $100 mod!


These are legit a game changer. The fixed front seat jackers truly put my 6’2” frame in a much more comfortable driving position. If you currently have leg pain or discomfort after driving your Gladiator you should definitely give these a try.


Great product

Hardest part of the install was getting the factory seat bolts out. If you have the powered seats I'd recommend the long arms. Got a piece of candy with my order which was a nice touch.