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What a difference!!

Before seat jackers I would get ankle pain driving for long periods. With them installed seat position has eliminated that problem. Easy to install and look great. I suggest you buy them for both side to make seat height match.

Thank you guys!!

1 pair for the 2011 FJ and another for the 2023 4Runner

For tall people - these are leg savers in these rigs. Well thought out and well made + easy install. They just make you so much more comfortable and give more range of adjustability to your front seats.

Hated the seating position.

But this product adjusted the thigh support just right. I may have gotten it too high because I chose the tallest option. Because after it was installed I noticed that when I used the clutch my shin would hit the plastic panel. But it’s something thing that one would have to get used to. I think it would be perfect if it was the middle option versus the tallest option. I will still rate this a 5 because it’s not the products fault but my own.

No more lower back pain!

All I gotta say is wow! I honestly regretted buying this truck because my back would hurt so bad after driving for a long period of time. The bad part is I am in it for 10+ hours a day. I saw other reviews of this product talking about how it helped their back pain too so I had to try it! Not only did it help my back pain, but it made it so much more comfier to drive! I will 100% recommend this to everyone!

Awesome product

My Gladiator leather seats felt like I was sliding off the front. These blocks make my ride 100% better. Worth every penny. Super easy install.

Seat jackers

Considerable difference.

2023 Tundra SR 4X4 (non powered seats)

Great product and worked well. I used 2 of the3 front pieces under each front seat mount and it was plenty for me at 5’10”. Well made and designed.

Good so far

Easy install. Has felt great so far!


Excellent product

Great product! Makes the drivers seat 100 times more comfortable!!

It works- more height selection would have been great

It has improved the seating comfort but I would have preferred a little shorter or flexibility to reduce the height. It's little higher than what I needed.

Front seat jackers

Well constructed and perfect fitment. Shipping was quick. Makes seat height so.much more comfortable.

Great Quality.

It's amazing the difference it makes with seeing over the hood of the new Tundra. While I have not put them yet. We did sit in a new Tundra that did have them installed and the difference is night and day with the improved view over the hood. The quality is bullet proof. They also have some great accessories which we plan to get later down the road.

Amazing difference!

These are just what I needed to take the pressure off my back and adjust my legs to the correct angle! Should have been the first addition to my Jeep! Money well spent!

Should have come on the Gladiator from Factory

The seat jackers are an accessory that should have come factory installed on the JT Jeep Gladiator from the factory. The install was quick and easy. I actually put them in over a 20 minute period while waiting for my kid to finish softball practice. The brackets fit perfectly and I don’t feel like I am about to slide out of the seat on moderate stops anymore. Highly recommend these brackets. I am a true 6’1” not a tinder 6’1” and I ordered the shorties and love them.

Christopher Maroney

Clever concept and ease of installation. Not strong enough to hold a large flashlight or anything else I had planned on using them for.

Desert Does It when Toyota doesn’t do it.

My 2023 Toyota Tundra has manual seats. There is no height adjustment. The seat jackers provide height adjustment up to 1 1/2 inches. They also have seat jackers for the front of the seat available. They are easy to install. This is a great product.

Does the job well but…

First and foremost the product is awesome. It completely does what it’s intended to do and appears to be high quality. The only negatives would be 1) why are there threaded ends in the front of the brackets and 2) I wish they were better designed to fill in the space between the floor and the seat track. The randomly sized block looks a little out of place when installed.


This small adjustment has made long trips much more enjoyable

I tried both settings and settled on the lower setting. At 6'7" it made a huge difference. Only regret is not getting them sooner.

Just Not the Anticipated Feel.

When I heard about seat jackers I thought it was a great idea to fix a very obvious problem with the Jeep seats. I hope that this would lift the front and make it feel more like a "bucket" seat so you'd feel like you're not just sitting on a flat surface. I put them in our 2022 JL but unfortunately didn't really get that feel I was expecting. Instead, it just felt like it raised that whole seat up, making the edge feel more prominent against the thighs and making that seat feel even "shorter" than it is. I thought I would just give it time to adjust but after 1.5 months, we still hate it. We're shorter people so we went for the Shorty per the sizing recommendations. Maybe it would work better for taller people using the fixed? I'm not putting one star since the quality of the product seems quite solid. Wish they had a more lenient return policy, however.

Perfect fix for tall drivers

Changed life

Excellent product! Fast shipping, no issues whatsoever.

JL Savior

I just upgraded to the JL from the JK... I'm 6’4”....After a few long drives and not being able to get comfortable I set out for a solution. After installing Desert Does It Front Seat Jackers I went from “oh no, did I make a wrong choice on upgrading” to loving life in my new JL. I highly recommend this product to anyone that feels cramped.

Enrique Casablanca
Magnet bolt ons are totally worth the extra money.

Rubber coated magnetic plates are key for sticking things to the under seat rack.