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Nice upgrade

It sets the seat height where it should be

So much better!

I love my new Ford Maverick truck, however the drivers seat felt & was “level”, while I prefer my driving position leaned back a bit. Installing the seat jackers from Desert Does It was simple and quick, but the result was fantastic! So glad I invested in them!! Thanks so much!!

Seat jackers

Absolutely night and day difference. Lower back pain went away within a few days after install

The Cruiser Needed These!

I have 2005 PT Cruiser seats in a 1992 FJ80. A great improvement over stock (arm rests!) but felt like the seats pushed you forward. With the stock LC seat L-brackets welded to the PT seat rail, the Seat Jackers installed without issue. Driving position is 100% better. I feel more into the seat resulting in a much more comfortable drive. The Seat Jackers were a perfect solution for my rig. I will be buying a set for the passenger side now.

Nice product

Great fit, easy installation with great instructions.
A little spendy for what it is but 15 minutes and the compressor is mounted. Run wires and air those 40’s! I like that it can be concealed with the factory trim for a clean look.

Love it's USA made...too expensive

I love that this is made in the USA but, the price is too much! I won't return but, regret purchasing these at ~$60 each ($120 for 2) when I could buy on amazon or ****...exactly the same, for $27 each ($54 total and less than HALF) I won't fund unreasonable costs in a global marketplace.

Still haven’t received

I placed the order on November 14th and still have not received my order. I paid for shipping which says 5 days. Why is it 3 weeks later and I still haven’t received my order?


Frontier seat jacker

These are amazing much more comfortable. The 1” thick made seat to high for my liking so I milled blocks down to 5/8” thick and that was perfect. I will be ordering another set for passenger side

Perfect Solution

Great product. Easy installation. I used to get pain in my right leg if I drove any longer than an hour. After installing them I took a long trip, 10 hours, and zero leg pain. I have a 36” inseam but my wife is short. I chose the smaller jackers so that it wouldn’t be a problem when she drove, and she is fine with them. I’ll be getting another set for my Gladiator.

Perfect fit

Adds just the right lean to my seats!

A must have upgrade to improve comfort!

When I had my 2010 JKu, I was able to buy some longer bolts and a couple aluminum bushings to raise up the front of the seat but this was not doable in the newer Jeep, my 2023 Gladiator. Due to the seat's mounting points, something custom is needed and the Shorty Seat Jackers got the job done. Installation was very easy and now comfort is increased and my chronic lower back pain on long drives has completely disappeared. I am 6' tall and the shorty jackers provide the perfect fit and the right amount of rise for proper leg support. I highly recommend these...good instructions, easy to install, high quality and an overall good value.


FRONT SEAT JACKERS® (2019-2023 RAM 1500)

98 4Runner

This was exactly what these seats needed!


Just what I wanted and needed, very comfortable and easy to install

Easy and Safe way to adjust front seats

I installed the seat jackers a couple months ago, to help with back discomfort, and they work well. I then wanted to raise the rear of the seat slightly. So I also ordered the adjustable rear spacers. I am not that tall but like the seat higher as it seems a more natural driving position.

Hits the mark!

Installation was straight forward and absolutely meets it's claim. The Forester seat base is comfortable but a bit on the short side so it lacks thigh support for those around 6' tall. Tipping the seat back with these risers, brings the seat right up to the bottom of the legs making for a very comfortable sitting position, especially on longer trips.

Jury is still out

After installing it, I do have some grips. It sounds look as clean as I would have liked. Maybe designed to have the seat rail pin sit in the bracket. The kit only came with two washers, I felt like it needed 3 because one bolt sits inside on the bracket and one of the bolts already cut into the bracket. As for the main reason I purchased the brackets; Comfort, haven't had time to really test the out. Need a road trip for that. I may order the front and back for my passenger side, as it adds clearance to install something underneath.

Wow these work!

Going from a truck with power front seats to one without, the thing I missed most was being able to change the angle on the seat. Having it be flat makes my low back hurt pretty quick. I was so surprised to find a product to fix this! Easy install and it literally solved my biggest gripe on my new truck! Thank you!!

GX460 Seat Jacks

Being 6'5" the seats were causing pain after 2 hours opf driving, the seat jackers have solved the problem by supporting my legs. One quick note, make sure to put blue loctite on the rear seat bolts as well.

Seat Jackers

Of all the mods and there are many to my jeep this is by far the best! Money well spent the comfort level far exceeds all the reviews I’ve read kudos on a great product!

FRONT SEAT JACKERS® (2007-2021 TUNDRA & 2008-2022 SEQUOIA)

As advertised

Hi quality. Easy to install. Really improved comfort