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Will installing DDI products void my warranty?
Our products should not impact your warranty but if you are concerned, talk to your local dealership to be certain.



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The lifetime warranty on all machined parts is valid provided that the item is being used for its intended purpose. If the product fails under normal use, a replacement part will be provided at no cost to the original buyer. 

What are the holes in the front of the Front Seat Jacker?
The threaded holes in front are for the DDI Multi-Mount Panel.

Will you be making Seat Jackers or Multi-mount Panels for any other vehicles?
DDI is continually looking at expanding our product lines based on our customers' needs. We have recently introduced products for the following makes/models:

  • GM Trucks
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Subaru
  • Sprinter Vans
  • Ford Explorer

Do you make different height Front Seat Jackers?
Yes, search for Adjustable and you will find several makes and models with Adjustable Seat Jackers.

These Front Seat Jackers are awesome! Why aren't others making them?
Our Seat Jackers are patented and trademarked.

Do you offer any other products?
We will be introducing new products every 1-2 months. We are always cooking up new products, so keep an eye on our New & Upcoming Products page or sign up for our newsletter to receive regular updates.



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Based on 1144 reviews
Adjustable Gladiator Seat Jackers

Nice product, good instructions, and easy install. I’m appx 5’9” and I installed the max tilt. That was a bit too much for me. I removed the smaller spacer and good to go.

Worth the money!

I was skeptical at first but after driving around with the seat jackers for a couple weeks I think they are well worth the purchase. If you’re on the fence just go for it, you’ll be glad you did!

A Jeep JT/JL must have!

We got the seat risers for my wife's Gladiator a few months ago, when we got our Wrangler a few weeks ago the seat risers where a must have! Soooo much more comfortable! Fast ship, great quality product and friendly people!

Seat jackers on 2020 Tacoma TRD Pro

Easy install, quality milled parts. Initial thoughts are all positive. Haven’t taken it on a long drive yet though.

Great little hunk of metal

Really raises the thigh support and makes driving more comfortable.

Great product

Was very skeptical on spending 100$ on a couple small PCs of aluminum block took me almost a 1 1/2 to pull the trigger on these but sure glad I finally did love them my Tacoma is so much more comfortable to drive great product eventually I will but the passenger set .

Truck or car

Couldn’t be more satisfied. Easy to install, and I received a Swedish Fish with my package!


Wayover priced for what you get. I bought some inch and a half by half inch aluminum stock and made an identical set for the passenger seat for $6. Ripoff

2020 Tacoma Seat Jackers Review

I’m a big fan of these Seat Jackers! Definitely makes the ride more comfortable especially on longer rides. It does take some getting used to but after a few days you will be used to them.

I will definitely be ordering another pair for the passenger side along with the Multi Mount Panel attachment. (For the driver seat)

Great quality and fast shipping! Thanks!

great product

Fit and finish are perfect

Great Product

This makes my truck so much more comfortable for a guy that is 6ft. Highly recommend!

Fire Ext mount - Awesomeness

Awesome Fit.
Barely had to trim any of the plastic trim around the outside seat foundation. Fits like a glove.
2021 Ram 3500 Laramie Dually

Finally! Comfortable seats!

We have a 2015 Rav4 that serves as our family hauler. We love it overall, but those front seats are just way too flat and they needed to be raised in the front. Thanks to DDI and these seat jackers, I am truly pleased to say that our Rav4 is now much more comfortable. Products arrived quickly, install was a breeze, and now we even love the front seats of our RAV4. If you’re on the fence, I highly recommend you to get these things for your flat-seated car.

Rear Tacoma seat jackers6

A world of difference,why didn't I do this month's ago. I ended up using all the shims after messing around with different configurations. I'm short,so I needed the extra height to see & makes it easier to shift gears.

Worked just like they told me it would. Easy to install and keeps the wife happy, so I'm happy.

Fits perfectly

Exactly what I was looking for, now the front of driver’s seat is high enough to give me support and comfort I needed.

I can’t believe the difference!

I’ve read about these since I bought my Tundra, and never realized the difference they would make. It’s night and day in terms of comfort. Don’t hesitate to buy them.

Game Changer

I am 6ft tall and with the stock seat setup, I had the seat back far enough to keep my legs comfortable but it was an awkward distance for my arms to reach the steering wheel. After installing the seat jackers, my legs are supported better and I actually pulled the seat more forward which makes it more comfortable to reach the steering wheel. Highly recommended for the taller people.


Seat jackers work extremely well.

I installed a pair of seat jackers in my Gladiator and immediately noticed a marked improvement in thigh support and seat comfort. Installation was simple but working in the cramped cockpit of a Gladiator isn’t exactly fun. Worth the price and a good investment for driving comfort.

Game changer

These seat jackers make a definite improvement over stock seats. Instead of my thighs being slightly above the seat, I am now sitting properly in a more natural reclining position. Im 6.4” and you will sit slightly higher but well worth it.


I was worried I’d sacrifice headroom being pretty tall. It isn’t an issue at all and the seat bottom is much more comfortable for my long legs.

Better knee bend.

Pretty cool idea with these blocks. I definitely got more bend for my knees so this makes driving more comfortable. Glad I bought two pairs - another for the passenger seat. I had some worries on my install, but everything seems to be seated properly.

It is a quality product, however I have the seat forward so the seat is actually over the top of the panel, so there isn't much room to mount items. Again quality product, but isn't as useful as I'd hoped for me because of seat position.