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If you are not 100% satisfied, returns are accepted within 30 days on all products.

Full refund subject to condition but 99% of the time a full refund is provided. Refunds are provided within 5 business days of receiving the returned item.

We are unable to offer exchanges. You will have to return the product and purchase the new product.

We provide refunds based on our return policy above.


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All products ship within 3 business days.

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Lifetime Guarantee

The lifetime warranty on all machined parts is valid provided that the item is being used for its intended purpose. If the product fails under normal use, a replacement part will be provided at no cost to the original buyer.

Will installing DDI products void my warranty?

Our products should not impact your warranty but if you are concerned, talk to your local dealership to be certain.

What are the holes in the front of the Front Seat Jacker?

The threaded holes in front are for the DDI Multi-Mount Panel.

Do you make Seat Jackers or Multi-mount Panels for other vehicles?

DDI is continually expanding our product lines based on our customers' needs. If you search for your vehicle and can not find what you are looking for, please email us at Info@DesertDoesIt.com

These Front Seat Jackers are awesome! Why aren't others making them?

Our Seat Jackers are patented and trademarked:

Patent No: US 11,117,493,B1

Do you offer any other products?

We introduce new products almost every month. Keep an eye on our New & Upcoming Products page or sign up for our newsletter to receive monthly updates.