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FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It
FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It
FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It
FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It
FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It
FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It
FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It
FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2023 GM 1500) - Desert Does It

    FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2019-2024 GM 1500)

      If you're looking to get planted in your seat and actually use the lumbar support, then its time to find that perfect seating position and get comfortable with the Desert Does It Seat Jackers.

      The Adjustable Seat Jackers® will lift the front of your front seats. The DDI kit is user adjustable in 3/8 inch increments and will lift the front of your Driver or Passenger seat from .375 inches to 1.125 inches. These will help you find that reclined seating position that just isn't available in a stock GM Truck.

      Each Seat Jacker is CNC milled from billet aluminum with a 1.5 degree slope to ensure your seat remains planted and provides the perfect mounting surface.

      Whether you have power or manual seats, these will help you find that comfortable seating position that just isn't available in your new GM Truck.



      • 2019-2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500
      • 2019-2024 GMC Sierra 1500


      • Installs to the front of the driver or passenger seat
      • Lifts FRONT or REAR of the seat by .375 Inches, .75 Inches, or 1.125 Inches
      • Installs in 10 Minutes with common hand tools
      • Compatible with Manual or Power Seats
      • Made from 6061 Aluminum
      • Factory Grade M10 Class 10.9 Hardware
      • Satin black powder coat finish
      • Proudly Made In America

      Any modifications are done at your own risk.



      Customer Reviews

      Based on 14 reviews
      Just what I needed

      I used these in my 2020 Traverse. I had reached out to customer support asking about making some for the Traverse. After sending some requested photos of my seats, we decided to try these and see if they would work. I was able to make them work for me. We bought this car new, and since day one I always wanted the drivers seat to have just a little more tilt for my legs. I'm 6'5". I would routinely reach down and hit the power seat switch hoping for just a little more, knowing it was already maxed out. I bought a set for my RAM 1500 and was happy with them, so wanted a set for my Traverse. I waited to see if they would ever list them, And finally got tired and reached out. I'm glad I did. The Traverse is so much more comfortable to drive now, and will make our upcoming family vacation trip much better for me.

      These are the perfect lift!

      Installed the seat jacker on my 2024 Silverado over the weekend and the lifted front seat is perfect! I added the MMP, too, and it looks badass. I'm not crazy about the gap between the trim piece and the floor now, but I've got an idea that may work to close or minimize it...gonna shave off the tabs and add velcro to make it look neater.

      Either way, though, the seats are much more comfy now.

      Mike Williams
      Nice, but expensive

      Nice, but severely overpriced for what you get.

      Jonathan Roach

      Instructions were not that great, had to take lose the back seat blots to get room for the shims and than the back of the rails did not sit flush. Only ended up using one shim. Great idea not a good fit for my truck. 2021 GMC 1500

      Sorry to hear about the install troubles, if you're unhappy with the performance of the Seat Jackers, they can be returned.

      Step 1 on the installation instructions states to remove front bolts and loosen rear bolts. If you do not loosen the rear bolts, you will not be able to lift up the front of the seat to install the Seat Jackers.

      The Seat Jacker shims have a built in angle, this angle is engineered to match the slope of the seat rails. The thicker part of the shims will face forward.

      Again sorry for your troubles and if we can help, please reach out via email or phone.

      Steven A. Wood

      110 % excellence