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Nissan Seat Jackers™

Adjusting the front of your car seat has never been this easy! Meet the Nissan Seat Jacker—your ticket to the ultimate driving comfort. We’ve worked with local partners to make a product for those whose legs get sore on long drives. These innovative seat spacers do more than simply elevate your comfort; they transform your journey.

Tighten the bond between you and your car by adjusting your seat perfectly to your unique posture. Say goodbye to awkward reaching and relentless manual tweaking. With just one simple installation, experience the effortless way to tailor your ride that will make you ask, “How did I ever drive without this?” Don’t waste another second; customize your comfort today with our Nissan Seat Jackers™.

Nissan Seat Jackers™ (10)

FRONT SEAT JACKERS (2005-2021 NISSAN FRONTIER 2005 - 2015 Nissan Xterra)