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ADJUSTABLE FRONT SEAT JACKERS® (2021 to 2022 FORD BRONCO) Seat Lift Blocks, Seat Riser Kit, Fix Uncomfortable Seats
ADJUSTABLE FRONT SEAT JACKERS® (2021 to 2022 FORD BRONCO) Seat Lift Blocks, Seat Riser Kit, Fix Uncomfortable Seats
ADJUSTABLE FRONT SEAT JACKERS® (2021 to 2022 FORD BRONCO) Seat Lift Blocks, Seat Riser Kit, Fix Uncomfortable Seats


    Install Difficulty

      Tired of feeling like you're sliding forward in your Bronco? Looking to get planted in your seat and actually use the lumbar support? Then its time to find that perfect seating position and get comfortable.

      The Adjustable Front Seat Jackers will lift the front of your Ford Bronco front seats. The DDI kit is user adjustable in .375 inch increments and will lift the front of your Driver or Passenger seat from .375 inches to .75 inches. These will help you find that reclined seating position that just isn't available in a stock Bronco.

      Each Seat Jacker is CNC milled from billet aluminum with a 1.5 degree slope to ensure your seat remains planted and provide the perfect mounting surface. The Seat Jackers come with threaded holes and hardware so that your spacers will never slip or get out of whack.



      • 2021-2022 Ford Bronco (2 Door & 4 Door)
      • 2019-2022 Ford Ranger


      • Lifts FRONT of seat .375 (3/8) inches to .75 (3/4) inches
      • Includes everything needed to install
      • Bolts in with no modifications
      • Fits Driver and Passenger Seats
      • Compatible with Manual or Power Seats
      • Made from Billet 6061 Aluminum
      • Seat Jackers are powder coated in Satin Black
      • Factory Grade 10.9 Hardware Included
      • Stainless Steel bolts to prevent misalignment
      • Compatible with our Bronco MMP, no additional hardware needed.
      • No permanent modifications required
      • Proudly Made In America

       Any modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk.


        Installation Tools needed:

        • Basic socket set
        • 4mm Ball-End Allen Key or Socket



        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        CJ Moore
        Perfect for the tall folk

        This is exactly what I needed to put more pressure on the back of my thighs to reduce the awkward back hunch.

        LeRoy Oberto
        Really made a difference

        I really like my Bronco, but after a couple of hours my right leg was hurting. The combination of my height, the pedal location and accelerator pedal pressure caused a lot of nerve pain. There was just no way to adjust the seat to support my leg enough to unwind the ergonomics. I tried seat pads, lumbar supports too. Nothing really worked. I found a youtuber who tried these out and it seemed like he had the same issues I had. So I tried them out. After a 1000 miles, I can say WOW what a difference. These really worked for me. The improvement is amazing. A word of advice though. If you already have an aggravated siatic nerve, those take some time to heal. So give it a few weeks time to evaluate.

        THANK YOU !

        Patrick Esman
        Good overall but needs some improvement

        When I received my kit for my Bronco, at first I thought they sent me the wrong kit because my shims didn’t have engraved numbers. To find out they have a new kit with a slightly different sequence. That was a little annoying but hey things happen, hope they get the new kit instructions changed on their website for future customers with the Bronco’s specifically.

        Overall I think it’s a great product but I’m hoping for more ease of adjustment. To elaborate, the kit came with only one sized **** which is meant for two shims. When I wanted use only one shim,there was issues having the seat secured due to the length of ****. I just wish there was a specific **** length if you wanted to use one shim.

        Jared Crawford
        Great Product!

        I love the seat jackers. They are very well made… come with great instructions which is refreshing; and they are very well built. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the current setting I have is too high. I started at the highest setting and I have lower back troubles and it’s just too much. I’m going to lower them down to the single block and give them a try. I think it will be right in that position because the stock setting is too low. I will update my review as I get a better feel for them. Thanks!

        Drew Robertson
        Perfect Seating Postion.

        Perfect! This is how the Bronco should have came from the factory.

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