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Lexus Seat Jackers™ (3)

FRONT SEAT JACKERS® (2003-2024 4RUNNERS, 2003-2023 GX, AND FJ)


REAR SEAT JACKERS® (2003-2024 4RUNNER, FJ, & 2003-2023 LEXUS GX)


REAR MULTI MOUNT PANEL (2005-2023 TACOMA, 2003-2024 4RUNNER, 2003-2023 GX, & FJ)


Welcome to the next revolution in automotive luxury: the seat riser. Our Lexus Seat Jackers™ ensure your driving experience transcends the mundane. Crafted with US-sourced materials for enthusiasts like you, these custom-fit marvels elevate your vehicle’s plush comfort without compromising style or space.

Say goodbye to standard seating and hello to the tailored ergonomics of a bespoke cruising haven. Feel the difference in your legs with our Lexus Seat Jackers™, where immeasurable comfort meets impeccable engineering. With a seamless install and an elevated experience like no other, you’re just one purchase away from a whole new level of driving luxury. It’s time to upgrade—let’s redefine the ride together.