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Seat Jackers™

Introducing the Seat Jacker™, the ultimate way to transform your driving experience. These simple seat spacers allow you to raise the front and/or rear of your seat to better support your back and legs while you’re behind the wheel. Custom-engineered with US-sourced materials for your specific make and model of vehicle, our Seat Jackers™ will make your stock seat feel custom-tailored.

If you’re too tall for the standard Seat Jackers™ to work, you can try our Seat Slammers™ instead. These lower the back of the seat to give you even more space. On the other side of things, we have the Rear Seat Jacker™, which lifts the back end of the seat, a feature needed for many shorter drivers. By combining these products, you can make your driver’s seat feel more attuned to your needs. Regardless of which product you get, with our seat risers, the road is yours.



Seat Jackers™ (2)

FRONT SEAT JACKERS® (2000-2006 TUNDRA & 2001-2007 SEQUOIA)


REAR SEAT JACKERS® (2000-2006 TUNDRA & 2001-2007 SEQUOIA)