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2005-2021 Tacoma
Any modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk.
WARNING: Desert Does It will not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury directly or indirectly from the use or the inability to determine the use of these products. Before using or installing, the user shall determine the suitability of the products for its intended use, and the user shall assume all responsibility and risk in connection therewith.
Important Notes:

Prior to beginning this or any installation read these instructions to familiarize yourself with the required steps and evaluate if you are experienced and capable to personally perform these modifications. A factory service manual for the air compressor and vehicle should be used in conjunction with these installation instructions.

The seat weight sensor is extremely sensitive, handle the seat very carefully. Do not drop the seat. Do not sit in the seat while it is on the floor. If the sensor is damaged, replace the unit. Failure to do so may result in personal injury or death.

Tools Needed:

  • 14mm wrench/socket (Seat Jacker Install)
  • 15mm wrench/socket (Seat Jacker Install)
  • Small flathead screwdriver or trim removal tool (to remove factory wire harness plugs)
  • 7/8” Wrench and Socket or two adjustable wrenches (Airline Fitting Install)
  • 9/16” Open end wrench (Airline Fitting Install)
  • Side Cutters or Razor Blade (Airline Fitting Install)

Installation Instructions:

  • Step One: Park the vehicle on level surface, set the parking brake and disconnect battery terminals.
  • Step Two: On passenger seat, remove plastic trim pieces to access front and rear seat base bolts. Remove all front and rear factory seat base bolts (Four total w/14mm socket).
  • Step Three: Lift seat to gain access to the seat wiring. Unclip and disconnect any wiring between the vehicle and the seat.
  • Step Four: To gain access to the factory wire harness, either lift the front of the seat or remove the seat from the vehicle and place the seat upside down on a clean work surface.
  • Step Five: REFERENCE PHOTOS ON PRODUCT LISTING. With a small flathead screwdriver or small trim removal tool, remove all wire harness plugs from there mounts (see photos with red square highlights). Reroute harnesses and reinstall the plugs on top of the rail (previously installed on the bottom of the rail).
  • Step Six: In the truck, take the front Seat Jackers and install them on the front seat mounts, being careful to install the roll pin into the hole on the floor.
  • Step Seven: Reuse the factory M10 fine thread bolts to fasten the lift blocks to the floor of the Toyota. Algin and torque to 27ftlbs. *IMPORTANT - THE FACTORY BOLTS ARE USED TO FASTEN THE BLOCKS TO THE FLOOR ONLY.
  • Step Eight: Depending on which compressor you are installing, place required number of spacers over the rear bolt holes. (Single ARB or ViAir use at least ¾” of spacers, for Twin ARB or for more clearance use at least 1-1/4” of spacers)
  • Step Nine: MOUNTING SINGLE ARB COMPRESSOR. Reference ARB instructions and rotate compressor head until it is horizontal and as low as possible. On the Desert Does It Compressor Mount, use the holes marked “A” for mounting the Single ARB compressor. Mount the compressor with the manifold facing back. With provided hardware, bolt from the underside of the Desert Does It Compressor Mount through the compressor brackets.
  • Step Nine: MOUNTING TWIN ARB COMPRESSOR. Reference ARB instructions (Orientating the Compressor Outlet). The Twin ARB compressors allow for configuring the outlet port to best suit the installation position and desired position. Rotate outlet port as far down as possible or about 45 degrees. This is the tallest part of the compressor so the lower you can rotate it the better. On the Desert Does It Compressor Mount, use the holes marked “B” for mounting the Twin ARB compressor (only four bolts are needed). If an ARB manifold kit is being used, mount on the four holes marked “D”. With provided hardware, bolt from the underside of the Desert Does It Compressor Mount through the compressor brackets.
  • Step Nine: MOUNTING VIAIR COMPRESSOR. Remove any rubber bumpers or stand offs from the ViAir brackets. Unbolt the “L Type” brackets from the ViAir compressor and rotate them 90 degrees. This is so the compressor can be flush mounted to the Desert Does It Compressor Mount. The “L Type” bracket nearest the filter will be mounted inward and the bracket nearest the air outlet mounted outward. Mount the ViAir compressor with the outlet hose facing the passenger door. On the Desert Does It Compressor Mount, use the holes marked “C” to mount the ViAir compressor. With provided hardware, bolt from the underside of the Desert Does It Compressor Mount through the ViAir “L Type” brackets.
  • Step Ten: OPTIONAL FITTING KIT. Install one 90 degree ¼ NPT fitting into compressor. Install bulkhead fitting through Desert Does It Compressor Mount. Install remaining 90 degree 1/4 NPT fitting into bulkhead fitting. Cut air line to desired length and install into each push to connect fitting. Be careful not to kink airline.
  • Step Eleven: Take assembled compressor mount and place it in the vehicle. Line up the holes on the front and rear Seat Jackers.
  • Step Twelve: Wire compressor using directions provided with the compressor. There is a rubber gromet on the floor that can be removed to assist with routing the harness to your battery and fuse panel.
  • Step Thirteen: Place seat back in vehicle and reconnect all seat wiring. Use provided zip ties to secure all wires so they do not droop below the harness plugs.
  • Step Fourteen: On the Front Seat Jackers, use the provided black M10-1.5 x 25mm bolts (coarse thread) to fasten the seat through the Compressor Mount tabs and into the lift blocks, finger tight only. *IMPORTANT – IF THE SEAT RAIL HOLE DOES NOT LINE UP PERFECTLY, SIMPLY LIFT UP THE SEAT RAIL ABOUT A ¼” AND THREAD IN THE BOLT A COUPLE OF THREADS.
  • Step Fifteen: For the rear Seat Jackers, when using ¾” spacers only, use the 60mm bolt with the ¼” spacer as a washer in between the seat rail and bolt head. For any combination above 1”, use the 60mm bolt. Reference Step Eight. IF THE SEAT RAIL HOLES DOES NOT LINE UP PERFECTLY, SIMPLE LIFT UP THE SEAT RAIL ABOUT A ¼” AND START THREADING IN THE BOLT A COUPLE THREADS BY HAND.
  • Step Sixteen: With the seat bolts snugged, confirm full movement. Twin ARB may limit forward movement by ¾”. If needed, remove seat and correct any issues.
  • Step Seventeen: Torque all seat mount bolts to 27ftlbs or German Spec (good’ntight) and reconnect battery.

Check bolt torque at regular intervals and don’t forget to post a review. 


Harness Plugs - Flipped

 Compressor Layout