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Toyota REAR Seat Jackers

2005+ Tacoma, 2003+ 4Runner, 2006+ FJ, 2007+ Tundra
Any modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:
14mm wrench or socket


•Two 40mm Bolts, Two 60mm Bolts, Two ¼” Spacers, Two ½” Spacers, and Two ¾” Spacers.

Installation Instructions:

  • Step One: Remove both rear factory seat base bolts (14mm socket) accessible from the back seat.
  • Step Two: Loosen the front seat bolts that affix the seat to the floor (do not remove). This will allow the rear Seat Jackers to align a little better.
  • Step Three: Lift the rear of the front seat by pushing forward on the headrest or by asking a helper to pull from the from the front.
  • Step Four: Place desired number of spacers under the rear of the seat, in between the seat rails and the floor.
  • Step Five: If using ¼” or ½” spacers, use the 40mm Bolt. If using only ¾” spacers, use the 60mm bolt with the ¼” spacer as a washer in between the seat rail and bolt head. For any spacer combination above 1”, use the 60mm bolt. IF THE SEAT RAIL HOLE DOES NOT LINE UP PERFECTLY, SIMPLE LIFT UP THE SEAT RAIL ABOUT A ¼” AND START THREADING IN THE BOLT A COUPLE THREADS BY HAND.
  • Step Six: Torque front bolts and rear bolts to 27ftlbs or German Spec (good’ntight).

    Check bolt torque at regular intervals, and don’t forget to post a review online