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Toyota FRONT Seat Jackers

*2020 Patent Pending*
2005-2020 Tacoma, 2003-2020 4Runner, 2006-2014 FJ
Any modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:

  • 14mm socket
  • 15mm socket

Installation Instructions:

  • Step One: Remove both front factory seat base bolts (14mm socket). *These M10 fine thread bolts will be reused in Step Five in the same location.
  • Step Two: Loosen the rear seat bolts (do not remove). This will allow the front mounts to align a little better. 
  • Step Three: Lift the front of the front seat by pushing back on the headrest or by asking a helper to sit in the back seat and gently pull the headrest towards them.
  • Step Four: Place lift blocks under the front seat mounts being careful to install the roll pin into the hole on the floor.
  • Step Five: Use the factory M10 fine thread bolts to fasten the lift blocks to the floor of the Toyota. *IMPORTANT - THE FACTORY BOLTS ARE USED TO FASTEN THE BLOCKS TO THE FLOOR ONLY.
  • Step Six: Use the provided M10-1.5 x 25mm bolts (coarse thread) to fasten the seat to the lift blocks, finger tight only. *IMPORTANT – IF THE SEAT RAIL HOLE DOES NOT LINE UP PERFECTLY, SIMPLE LIFT UP THE SEAT RAIL ABOUT A ¼” AND THREAD IN THE BOLT A COUPLE THREADS.
  • Step Seven: Torque four front bolts and two rear bolts to 27ftlbs or German Spec (good’ntight).

Check bolt torque at regular intervals, and don’t forget to post a review online