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Tired of Uncomfortable Commutes? Lift and Support Your Seats with Seat Jackers

by on October 02, 2023
Tired of Uncomfortable Commutes? Lift and Support Your Seats with Seat Jackers

Commuting in the United States can literally be a pain in the neck. And the back. And the butt.

The average American commuter spends more than four hours a week going to and from work, with each bump, stop, and turn a test of endurance. Over the course of the year, that translates to two full weeks behind the wheel, contributing to aches and pains, anxiety, fatigue, and a decreased quality of life.

Commuting is a grueling odyssey that can compound the challenge of maintaining good health by making physical ailments more likely because of the pressure it puts on the spine and much of the rest of the lower body. Sitting causes tightness in the hip flexor muscles, which can cause back pain and damage the spine, medical experts say. High blood pressure, back pain, weight gain, and stress can all be caused or worsened by commuting, with tired and sore drivers less likely to get the kinds and amounts of physical activity they need.

While motorists can often feel powerless about many of the commuting challenges they face — upended work-life balance, too much time in the vehicle, navigating traffic, aggressive driving by others, and exposure to pollution — they CAN make the travel easier on their bodies: Say hello to Seat Jackers, the game-changer for anyone who’s ever spent their commute wishing for a more comfortable ride. These innovative car accessories shift your weight back into lumbar support, alleviate thigh discomfort and make every drive a breeze with the body in a neutral position, making for a healthier spine.

Seat Jackers raise the bar for driving comfort by lifting the front of the seat, which allows drivers to create a superior sitting position that provides additional legroom and a better view of the road. Motorists can put unforgiving seats, aching backs, and driving fatigue in the rear-view mirror with Seat Jackers. Customers find out what earned this innovative product more than 3,000 positive reviews from satisfied customers, including long-distance drivers and off-roaders. 

“Easy install,” effuses customer Jay Woods, who left a glowing review on the Seat Jackers website, DesertDoesIt.com. “Bought for driver’s seat and like them so much ordered for the other side that day!”

Customer “Matt” echoed that sentiment, writing that, “It really does make a difference.”

 “I drove from California to Moab early this summer (and) my lower back was stiff before we made it out of Nevada,” he said. “Installed the seat jackers before a trip to Sedona. What a world of difference. Much more comfortable seating position. Worth the money, hands down.”

Here are just a few of the benefits Jay, Matt and other drivers find from using Seat Jackers:

  • Reduced back pain and fatigue: Seat Jackers shift weight back, providing more lumbar support, taking the strain off the back and reducing fatigue.
  • Improved support: Seat Jackers lift and support thighs, preventing them from going numb and aching on long drives.
  • Increased legroom: Seat Jackers lift the front of the seat, providing more legroom and making the driving position more comfortable.
  • Better posture: Seat Jackers help to maintain a more natural and ergonomic posture while driving.

Seat Jackers were created by a master machinist and an engineer who were sick of the uncomfortable seats and resulting back pain. These two car and truck enthusiasts patented their original design based on zero-gravity ergonomics, shifting the driver’s weight back into the lumbar support and lifting the thighs to take the weight off the back of the heels. The 100% U.S.-designed-and-machined Seat Jackers are easy to install and fit most major car and truck models, including the Ford F-150, Jeep Wrangler, and Toyota Tacoma.

They require no permanent modifications to the vehicle, and come with a lifetime guarantee. All Seat Jackers go through multiple design stages and are also backed by a lifetime guarantee, so consumers can be sure they're purchasing a high-quality and durable product. They also can have the peace of mind of supporting American jobs at the Seat Jackers’ facilities in Utah and Nevada. See for yourself and view product images here.