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Steve and Sara on The E-Com Show - Crafting the Future of On-Road Comfort

by on April 10, 2024
Steve and Sara on The E-Com Show - Crafting the Future of On-Road Comfort

Welcome to The E-Com Show. Today, we're speaking with Steve, the founder of Desert Does It, and Sara, their CMO-at-large. They're here to share their experience developing Seat Jackers, a patented solution to a common problem many drivers face. Based in the US, this small team has created a product that enhances vehicle comfort by adjusting the angle of car seats, making long drives more comfortable.


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Tune in to this episode to learn more about: 

✅ The inspiration behind the brand: Steve recounts the humble beginnings of their company, which started as a side hustle in a garage. The initial concept was born from a personal need for more comfortable seating in a Toyota Tacoma, leading to the creation of their flagship product.

✅How to fight off product knock-offs: From navigating the world of e-commerce to fighting off knockoffs, Steve and Sara discuss the trials they've faced and the strategies that have helped them protect their brand and grow their business.

✅ Marketing strategies for automotive accessories: Learn how Desert Does It leverages SEO, partnerships with enthusiasts, and trade shows to educate potential customers about their innovative product. The team shares insights into their marketing journey and the importance of brand building in a niche market.

Check out their range of vehicle comfort products at Desert Does It and experience the difference for yourself.   https://desertdoesit.com/