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Relieve Back Pain With This One Mod

by on January 31, 2024
Relieve Back Pain With This One Mod

Driving Posture and Back Pain

Do you experience back pain from driving? You’re not alone. According to the CDC, 39% of adult Americans experience back and neck problems. Millions of drivers and passengers endure lower back pain for hours in traffic and long trips. This uncomfortable condition can worsen over time, leading to frequent and costly hospital visits for pain management. But this shouldn’t be the case.

The best solution should address the underlying causes of your back pain rather than treating the pain itself. Most drivers experience back pain due to sitting posture. Seat Jackers can address this issue and make your ride more comfortable. How? Read on to find a long-term solution for your back pain.

Seat Jackers Are Designed For Driving Comfort

Seat Jackers are aftermarket accessories installed between the seat and the mount to change the seat’s height and angle. Desert-Does-It (DDI) is the inventor and original manufacturer of Seat Jackers. One thing that sets DDI apart from competitors is its focus on ergonomics. Patented DDI Seat Jackers are designed for comfort using NASA's zero-gravity design principles. The company uses advanced manufacturing techniques and technologies to produce high-quality Seat Jackers. Each DDI Seat Jacker undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee your comfort and safety.

Seat Jackers work as wedges or shims, allowing car owners to improve seat positioning. They lift the front of the seat by 1.25 inches to fix the angle. This adjustment provides more leg support and improves sitting posture without negatively impacting the headroom. If you experience back pain from driving your Toyota Tacoma, buy authentic DDI Seat Jackers and install them in your vehicle. DDI also offers Rear-Seat Jackers for Toyota and Jeep. You can purchase Seat Slammers for Jeep to raise the back of your seat.

Poor Seating Posture Causes Strain 

Trips and long drives with friends and family offer bonding opportunities and memorable experiences. However, the human body wasn’t designed for prolonged sitting and driving. Whether you’re the driver or passenger, neck and back pain can turn a beautiful trip into a never-ending nightmare. Poor sitting posture is the leading cause of lower back pain during driving.

The height of your seat determines your sitting posture. If your seat is too low, you’ll prop up your body with the knees and push your head upwards to see the road. You’ll also have to overstretch your arms to reach the steering wheel. Maintaining this awkward position during a long drive can increase stress on your back, neck, arms, and legs. You'll sit slouched and bend your head downwards if your seat is too high. This position creates an unfavorable situation where the physical pressure of driving and shocks from the car is channeled to the lower back. Tension accumulates on the back muscles and strains the spinal discs and ligaments, increasing pain and achiness. Poorly positioned seats also reduce legroom and impede movement. Adjusting your seat’s height can minimize the risk of back pain. You can buy Shorty Front Seat Jackers and install them in your Jeep for a more ergonomic drive.

Flat Seats On Stock Vehicles Don't Support Legs, Spine

Poor sitting posture is the leading cause of back pain during long rides. Whether you’re a workday commuter, trucker, or weekend road warrior, buy Seat Jackers for your Ford, RAM, Honda, Jeep, Toyota, or Subaru and install them under your car seat to improve positioning and sitting. Seat Jackers can make drivers and passengers more comfortable. How?

Lower back pain during driving is linked to poor sitting posture. Most automakers build their cars’ seats flat. This positioning doesn’t provide substantial leg support, increasing stress and strain on the knees and thigh muscles. The pressure accumulates in the lower back, leading to pain and achiness during long drives. Your seat should be as high as your knee to provide leg support. Seat Jackers fulfill this requirement by raising the seat's front end. The positioning ensures your seat height isn’t too low, eliminating unnecessary strain on your thighs, hamstrings, and pelvis.

Another issue linked to lower back pain during driving is pressure points in uncomfortable seats. If you sit at an awkward angle, the weight and strain from your shoulders, arms, back, and legs accumulate in a single location. Seat Jackers address this issue by relieving pressure points in seats. These accessories leverage NASA’s zero-gravity design principles to put drivers and passengers in a natural neutral spine position. So, pressure and weight are evenly spread across the seat.

Flat seats with the back at 90% force drivers to sit straight. This sitting posture is beneficial for your back. However, sitting straight for hours can be uncomfortable for some drivers. Seat Jackers lift the front of the seat and set it at the perfect angle to take the pressure off your lower spine. The positioning ensures your seat isn’t too far from the steering wheel. You won't have to extend your arms at an uncomfortable angle to steer the vehicle.

The Benefits of Seat Jackers

Long rides shouldn't be uncomfortable or painful. Seat Jackers can improve sitting ergonomics and deliver a pain-free driving experience. Here are five benefits of DesertDoesIt’s Seat Jackers:  

  • Enhancing comfort: Sitting in the same position on an uncomfortable seat is frustrating. The lack of legroom in most vehicles worsens the situation. Seat Jackers address this issue by raising car seats to provide zero-gravity positioning. They enhance lower back and leg support to deliver comfortable seats for drivers and passengers.
  • Cost and health benefits: Seat Jackers alleviate lower back stress, reducing the risk of developing chronic back pain. Some drivers take painkillers to manage backaches during long trips. This strategy is counterproductive and unsustainable in the long run. For starters, popping pills doesn’t address poor sitting posture – the underlying cause of back pain. Seat Jackers are cost-effective compared to frequent hospital visits for long-term back pain management.
  • Convenience: Some drivers use car cushions for lumbar support to alleviate back pain. However, seat cushions and pillows tend to move around while you’re driving. You'll slow down or stop several times to reset your cushion. Seat Jackers are versatile and convenient accessories. They offer a permanent solution to low-lying seats. You can lift the front or back of the seat using Seat Jackers or raise both sides to address your unique driving needs.
  • Easy DIY installation: You don’t need advanced tools or professional help to install Seat Jackers. The installation is quick and easy. First, lift the seat and put Seat Jacker blocks under the mounts. Third, fasten the blocks to the floor of your car. Then, secure the seat to the blocks.
  • Compatibility: DDI offers Seat Jackers compatible with several car brands, including Toyota, Jeep, Ford, GMC Chevrolet, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, and RAM. Each option is designed to fit specific models based on the manufacturing year.

Seat Jackers offer several benefits. However, not all aftermarket car accessories are created equal. Ensure you buy authentic Seat Jackers from DesertDoesIt made in the USA. DDI’s Seat Jackers are more durable than knockoffs and imitations. Cheap is expensive in the long run!

Bottom Line

As an outdoorsy and avid driver, you understand the frustration of being stuck in the same position for hours while enduring back pain. Poor sitting posture is a leading cause of lower back pain during driving. The best way to address this issue is by installing Seat Jackers in your vehicle. Seat Jackers are aftermarket accessories that raise the front of seats to provide zero-gravity positioning and enhance lower back and leg support. They offer several benefits for drivers and passengers. To make your ride more comfortable, buy authentic DDI Seat Jackers for your Toyota, Jeep, Ford, GMC Chevrolet, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, or RAM. Don’t forget to check DesertDoesIt on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. If you have questions about Seat Jackers, contact DesertDoesIt today!