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Miles, Memories, and Mods: Our 5th Anniversary

by on April 19, 2024
Miles, Memories, and Mods: Our 5th Anniversary

Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s been five whole years since we started Desert Does It (DDI)! What a ride it’s been! Just like the spring brings the desert to life with those first rains, these five years have been a whirlwind of growth, innovation, and some seriously muddy trails. That’s right, five incredible years since Joe and I, just a couple of off-road junkies, took a wild idea born from a painfully uncomfortable road trip in Joe’s 2018 Toyota Tacoma and turned it into the business you’ve come to know and love.

It all started with those darn seats in the Tacoma—they were just too low and flat. As a master machinist, Joe whipped up the first prototype of what we now proudly call the Seat Jackers, right there in his workshop. It was a game-changer for him, and soon enough, for many of you too. When we made those first Seat Jackers, we didn't expect much more than beer money, but it seems like we were prototyping for more and more vehicles and now fast forward to our new home in St. George, Utah.

From that one great idea, we’ve expanded our offerings to include Seat Jackers for over 50 makes and models, from Toyota to Ford and Subaru to RAM. And it’s not just about comfort anymore—organization on the road is just as crucial. That’s why we introduced our Multi-Mount Panels and Air Compressor Mounts, designed to keep your essentials tidy and within easy reach, whether it’s your first aid kit or your trusty flashlight, or on-board air.

As we hit this five-year milestone, it’s not just a celebration of what we’ve achieved—it’s a big thank you to you, our DDI community. Whether you’ve shared feedback, tested prototypes, or simply told a friend about us, you’ve been a huge part of our journey. Your support has been invaluable, and it’s because of you that we can keep innovating and expanding.

Looking forward, we’re not slowing down. St. George is now our base, a place that’s not only home for Joe and me but a hub for all things off-road and outdoors. It’s the perfect spot for DDI to thrive as we continue to ensure our products are top quality, safe, and as rugged as the trails we love.

So here’s to five years of Desert Does It, and here’s to many more to come! We’re pumped for what’s ahead and we hope you are too. Stay tuned for more innovations, more adventures, and of course, more comfortable rides.

Every day is a new adventure!