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4th Gen RAM Trucks (2009-2018 RAM 1500 and 2010-2020 RAM 2500/3500)
Any modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk.

Installation Instructions

Tools Needed:
• 15mm wrench/socket
• 5mm Ball-End Allen Key or Socket

Installation Instructions:

• Step One: Remove trim pieces at the seat base. If desired, use step-bit or 1” hole saw to drill out hole in plastic trim to allow the MMP brackets to go through.

• Step Two: Remove both front factory seat base bolts (15mm wrench/socket).

• Step Three: With blue Loctite, thread the two new 40mm black flathead bolts through each new MMP Bracket into the seat base. Roughly align so the top threaded portion of the MMP Brackets are at the top/facing up. Hand tighten only.

• Step Four: Take the new Panel with the two new 16mm stainless steel flathead bolts and mount the panel to the MMP Brackets. Hand tighten only.

• Step Five: Algin panel and torque the two black flathead bolts to 25ftlbs and the two stainless steel flathead bolts to 15ftlbs.

Check bolt torque at regular intervals and don’t forget to post a review.