Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs
Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs
Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs
Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs
Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs
Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs
Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs

Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs

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If you are struggling to find that comfortable seating position during your commute or road trip, you might be suffering from a lack of leg support. The patent pending 4Runner Seat Jackers will lift the front of your driver or passenger seat to provide that much-needed leg support without significantly impacting headroom. In many cases this has alleviated lower back stress felt during longer drives.

These will help you find that seating position that just isn't available in a stock 4Runner or FJ.

Front Seat Jackers will fit 2003-2020 4Runners and 2006-2014 FJs with captain's chairs.

 Installs in less than 10 minutes.

  • Includes everything needed to install
  • Lifts FRONT of seat 1-1/4"
  • Bolts in with no modifications
  • Fits Driver and Passenger Seats
  • Made from 7075 Aluminum
  • M10 Grade 10.9 Black Hardware (Reuse factory front bolt)
  • All Seat Jackers are black powder coated
  • Proudly Made In America


Any modifications to your seat are done at your own risk.

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Jeremiah J.
United States United States
Back Saver

Worth every Penny.

Jayce M.
United States United States
USA Number 1

Every time I saw these I’d hesitate to buy them because of the price, decided to say screw it and bought them. Now I’m thinking to myself, I should’ve made the purchase a long time ago! Definitely worth it, I’m 6’2 so it for sure helped with supporting my thighs. Also sitting me more proper especially on long drives. Makes driving more fun and comfortable. I installed these in my GX470. For the price, these are definitely worth it.

Barry B.
United States United States
4Runner Front Seat Jackers

About the only complaint I had with my new 4Runner was the support the seat provided my legs was marginal. It was enough to be OK but not enough to really be comfortable. The Seat Jackers solved that problem completely. A snap to install and now I have all the adjustability I want. I simple but great idea!

Desert Does It Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs ReviewDesert Does It Front Seat Jackers - 4Runners and FJs Review
Amazing instant results!

I recently purchased a 2014 4Runner, and my love for it blinded me to even paying attention to the comfort (or lack of it) of the passenger seat. It didn't take long to worry that I'd made a mistake. I have severe lower back issues, and the passenger lumbar digs right into a spot on my back that makes it nearly impossible to get comfortable. My husband added extra padding, and we bought leather covers. Those helped a bit. These seat jackers are worth every cent, because they made such a huge difference. Worth every single cent.

Philip B.
United States United States
Front seat jackers

Its getting better as I get used to the different seating position, I'm 5-11 with a 36 inseam, long legged and this is helping with my hips hurting after a few hours in the old seat, waiting to take a all day trip and see how they perform.