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Jeep Wrangler JL/JLU/JT ADJUSTABLE Front Seat Jackers

*2020 Patent Pending*

Jeep Wrangler JL, JLU, and JT Adjustable Seat Jackers

2018+ Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator

Any modifications to your vehicle are done at your own risk.

Installation Instructions


Tools Needed:

  • T50 Torx with ratchet (Jeep Tool Kit) or E-Torx Socket (Jeep Truck)
  • 8mm and 5mm allen key or allen socket
Installation Instructions:
  • Step One:  Step One: Remove both front factory seat base bolts and loosen rear seat bolts as much as .5” (t50 Torx).
  • Step Two:  Take the Seat Jackers with the threaded holes and slide them under the seat rails with the wings facing back. If desired add .25” spacers on top by interlocking them with the .75” Seat Jackers. Reference pictures on website for more details.
  • Step Three:  With blue Loctite, insert the new longer black socket head bolts through each Seat Jacker and thread them into the floor through the countersunk hole in front.
  • Step Four:  Carefully align the Seat Jackers so the threaded holes are visible through the top of the seat rails. Torque front Seat Jacker bolts to 35ftlbs.
  • Step Five:  With blue Loctite, insert the new shorter black socket head bolts through each seat rail and thread them into the Seat Jackers. If only using the .75” block, use the threaded hole in front on both Seat Jackers. If using the block and .25” spacer, use the rear threaded hole on the outside block and the front threaded hole on the transmission tunnel block. BE CAREFULL NOT TO CROSS THREAD THESE SHORTER BOLTS, IF THEY DO NOT ALIGN, LOOSEN THE FRONT SEAT JACKER BOLT AND REALIGN. SOMETIMES YOU WILL NEED TO WIGGLE THE ENTIRE SEAT FRAME TO GET THE BOLTS TO LINE UP.
  •  Step Six:  Don’t forget to tighten the bolts on the back of the seat and toque all seat bolts to 35ftlbs.

Check bolt torque at regular intervals and don’t forget to post a review.